Prefabs in reinforced concrete and production of beams, panels, boards, floors for sheds and industrial, commercial, agricultural sports and civil buildings, laid or transported.


Betonpiave srl is an industrial builder company using precast concrete elements . The Company is well know throughout the North-East Italy as a leading provider of pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete design, manufacturing and installation.

The family owner can demonstrate 50 years of activity in the industrial building world.

Betonpiave srl is a full service company that provides a variety of precast/prestressed concrete products, including:
Architectural Products
Architectural Trim Units
Architectural Cladding and Load bearing units.
Additionally, Betonpiave is a full service provider of Hollow-core plank as well as Structural Components (beams, columns, frames, etc.) for a wide variety of structures and building types for parking and structural industrial applications.
Betonpiave actively designs, manufactures and installs products in many regions of Italy , principally in Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige , Friuli Venezia Giulia ,but also in Lombardia, Emilia Romagna , Toscana .

We appreciate your interest in Betonpiave and welcome any inquires about how we may serve you on your next project.
Finally we examinate participations into estate transactions and activities of industrial production in Italy and abroad.